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Majority of Americans want Congress to move on from health-care reform: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Majority of Americans want Congress to move on from health-care reform: Reuters/Ipsos poll


Majority of Americans want Congress to move on from health-care reform: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Most Americans are ready to move to health care reform right now, after the efforts of the United States Senate to dismantle Obamacare failed on Friday, according to an exclusive Reuters / Ipsos poll published on Saturday .

Nearly two-thirds of the country wants to maintain or change the affordable protection law, popularly known as Obamacare, and a majority of Americans want Congress to draw attention to other priorities, the survey found.

Republicans have pledged to dismantle the affordable protection law since Democratic President Barack Obama signed in 2010, and it seemed they finally got their chance when Republican President Donald Trump took office in January. But the law, which has helped 20 million people to get health insurance is becoming increasingly popular.

The July 28-29 poll of 1,130 Americans, conducted after the Senate Republican-led effort fell, found that 64% said they wanted to keep Obamacare or “since” or after repair Of “problem areas”. This increased from 54% in January.

The poll found that support for the law always stretched along party lines, with Democrats nine out of 10 Republicans and only three out of ten saying they wanted to keep or change Obamacare.

Among Republicans, three-quarters said they would like the leaders of their party are trying to repeal and replace Obamacare at some point, though most of the other problems they attribute to giving a higher priority at the moment.

Disappointment among Republicans and happiness among Democrats over the failure of repeal were palpable. Two-thirds of Republicans felt “bad” that the Senate failed to pass a health care bill, while three-quarters of Democrats considered it “good,” according to the Reuters / Ipsos poll.

When asked what they think about what Congress should do next, most Americans have chosen other priorities such as tax reform, foreign relations, and infrastructure. Only 29 percent said they wanted Republicans in Congress to continue working on a new health care bill.

Gene Anderson, 81, a Trump voter living in a retirement community in Zionsville, Indiana, said the president should “re-focus on a certain stability in his administration and a demonstration of working with the Democrats for Congress.”

“I do not understand why they should push for health care reform before the tax reform,” he said. “They have to sit down and propose a legislative and feasible tax reform.”

Americans seem to be more supportive of some of Obamacare’s key features. For example, 77 p. 100 said they supported the expansion of Medicaid in low-income families and 43 percent. 100 said they supported the requirement for US residents to have health insurance. This rose by 66 percent and 36 percent, respectively, when Reuters / Ipsos asked these questions for the first time in April 2012.

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