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‘No one capable enough to compete with Modi’: Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

'No one capable enough to compete with Modi': Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

‘No one capable enough to compete with Modi’: Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

New Delhi: In a verbal battle with the new ally of the BJP, Bihar’s chief minister Nitish Kumar said Monday that person or political party could challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the general elections in 2019.
“Given the current political scenario, no one can compete with Narendra Modi,” Nitish told a news conference.

In the development of what happened behind the scenes after the IWC presented a graft and raided the properties of Yadav, Nitish said he had tried to ignore the furor in the media. But soon the fingers have pointed out not to act against the accused.

He said he had tried to save the big alliance, but was forced to leave after RJD supreme leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family refused to move allegations of corruption against him.

“I have no choice, everything I have tolerated. But when allegations of corruption were made, a buzz was created not only in the state but at the national level,” he said at the Nitish release conference.

“The media reported heavily on the case, but tried to ignore it and continued to work.” I thought this happened in an alliance. “Then people began to wonder, what a zero tolerance policy for corruption, then what goes To do now? “Said Nitish.

The leader of JD (T) then revealed that the party had unanimously decided at a high-level meeting that it did not deviate from its policy and offered the leaders of RJD Lalu Prasad and his son the Tejashwi opportunity to present all the facts In the case of corruption in the public domain.

He said that he had met Tejashwi and told him about the same thing.
But when an explanation was made and the RJD dismissed Tejashwi’s investment demands, Nitish said he had decided to relinquish his position as prime minister.

“I was asked to explain the allegations of corruption and if they had done this the situation could have been different. The proposal came from BJP after my resignation and we formed the government with the consent of lawmakers from both parties,” he said.

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Last Thursday, Nitish Kumar was sworn in as head of state with BJP support, just 24 hours after his resignation and left the alliance of JD (T), RJD and Congress.

The rapid sequence of events, crowned by the Nitish rooftop NDA, led to speculation that the policy space has been characterized for some time.

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