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This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

What is a disability? It could be said that a speech disability or hearing loss, blindness or the lack of one or more members, but this man from Bombay is cause for reflection. He was declared blind by doctors only minutes after his birth, but it is believed that the real disadvantage is the lack of love.

His story was viral on Facebook’s Bombay humans page and is nothing short of inspiring. He arrived in Mumbai when he was 16 years old to receive a better treatment, but his first operation failed.

He accepted his fate, but he has not given up hope. He completed his studies, made friends and learned to be independent. He has a wife and an affectionate daughter and amazing colleagues. It can be expected that he is aware of this cruel game of fate, but says he has no problems.

“I was told by blind doctors a few minutes after my birth. Medicine for the blind are not so great in UP, so I was sent to Mumbai when I was 16 for a better treatment, but my first operation failed.

I accepted my fate and finished my Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. I loved my school life, I have made good friends and I have learned to be independent of them.

We did not have much money, but I was desperate to study more, and then I would sell agarbattis after college and study late into the night to continue. I also played in a band time on time and saved every penny for my diploma graduation and finally got a job with the State Bank of India!

I love my job – my colleagues are amazing. I was taught how to take independent training and even how to cook my rice and my urges. When I got to a point where I was making enough money, I married the love of my life.

I’ve never seen her, but I know she has a good heart because there has not been a day when she made me feel like I was missing something – we had a beautiful life with our girl. ”
“What advice would you give people?”

“After 55 years of sightlessness, the only thing I can say is that life is beautiful, if you want it to be. The second one is loved and accepted as you are, the world is a wonderful place to live.

People often ask me what my struggles are because I am blind, but I have no problem; no problem. The only reason for this is that I have no love in my heart and I like to look made my wife home with my colleagues at work.

When I hear stories of people with depression or young children who commit suicide – I think that is where the problem lies. Lack of love is the true disability that everyone can have and it is people who should be loved even stronger. “

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