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Apple’s Siri is voiced by this 67-year-old singer

Apple’s personal assistant Siri Apple is part of the core functionality of all the company’s products. Brain-son of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, this distinct voice on iPhones performs every possible task with which it is assigned – perhaps reminding the user to a meeting at some point or reporting the weather. It even gives the best advice for philosophical life. As Apple’s vice president, Phil Schiller, was initially launched, Siri is probably “boasting the coolest iPhone 4S” at launch.

But, did you know that the original voice behind Siri is a 67-year-old Atlanta-based singer, Susan Bennett?

When Bennett was finalized as the voice of Siri, we did not even use the iPhone at the time. She worked for a record company and, in general, the artists of the voices were not informed of the use of her work. However, soon realized that she will be the voice of the first digital assistant named Siri.

As stated by GadgetSnow, Bennett – who was hired by a voice recording company based in Atlanta GM voices, spent about four hours a day, five days a week to read random phrases and sentences since 2005.

Special voice Bennett was retaken and developed by a non-profit research institute based in Menlo Park, called SRI International. The organization is known for building the first computer mouse prototype in 1964. Siri has been launched in the Apple App Store and later; Received a call from Steve Jobs made a purchase offer Siri. Soon, Siri has become the most sought-after voice in America.

“Most people really do not pay attention to these types of voices because they only listen to the information. But if that voice becomes a person like Siri, people seem to develop a relationship with it,” Bennett said. “It was the first concatenated voice (synthesized voice) looked like the man. What was surprising was behind this technology,” he added.

With the launch of iOS 7, Apple changed Siri’s voice by hiring new people with different accents and voices. However, Bennett’s contribution remained unchanged

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