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Google Contacts 2.0 rolling out; goes cleaner and leaner

Google has released a 2.0 version of its application, which has barely changed over the years. The new update brings a better design with a cleaner user interface and adds improvements in ease of use by its Pixel and Nexus users.

You will not notice any changes in the regular contact list, which means that all your contacts are displayed. The changes are a bit deeper.

One of the most notable changes is the cleaner contact page.

While the previous version of the application using a solid image (taking the top half of the page) with the lower half of the details, the new mass takes this image and transforms it into a small circle with the contact name previously below .

Through this movement, there is now more space for contact data. So if you have a contact with many numbers of email addresses and, you have to scroll less once you open the contact page.

While the previous version of the application shows all contacts from different accounts that have been synced together in a list, there is now an account switch (similar to the one you get in the Gmail app) that helps.

The account switch is available by clicking on the hamburger icon and now gives you the ability to switch between accounts on the fly.

The update will allow users to switch between contacts from different accounts easily. It also facilitates manipulation, visualization and classification.

Other features indicated by Android Police detailing a new export feature that lets you choose which accounts to use when exporting contacts.

If you’re new to Android, you’ll also see a new boot screen.

Changes to the same users will be available to Pixel and Nexus users through the Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can go to the link above to download the apk file and install it manually.

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