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This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

This Mumbai man cannot see; but he believes real handicap is lack of love

What is a disability? It could be said that a speech disability or hearing loss, blindness or the lack of one or more members, but this man from Bombay is cause for reflection. He was declared blind by doctors only minutes after his birth, but it is believed that the real disadvantage is the lack of love.

His story was viral on Facebook’s Bombay humans page and is nothing short of inspiring. He arrived in Mumbai when he was 16 years old to receive a better treatment, but his first operation failed.

He accepted his fate, but he has not given up hope. He completed his studies, made friends and learned to be independent. He has a wife and an affectionate daughter and amazing colleagues. It can be expected that he is aware of this cruel game of fate, but says he has no problems.

“I was told by blind doctors a few minutes after my birth. Medicine for the blind are not so great in UP, so I was sent to Mumbai when I was 16 for a better treatment, but my first operation failed.

I accepted my fate and finished my Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. I loved my school life, I have made good friends and I have learned to be independent of them.

We did not have much money, but I was desperate to study more, and then I would sell agarbattis after college and study late into the night to continue. I also played in a band time on time and saved every penny for my diploma graduation and finally got a job with the State Bank of India!

I love my job – my colleagues are amazing. I was taught how to take independent training and even how to cook my rice and my urges. When I got to a point where I was making enough money, I married the love of my life.

I’ve never seen her, but I know she has a good heart because there has not been a day when she made me feel like I was missing something – we had a beautiful life with our girl. ”
“What advice would you give people?”

“After 55 years of sightlessness, the only thing I can say is that life is beautiful, if you want it to be. The second one is loved and accepted as you are, the world is a wonderful place to live.

People often ask me what my struggles are because I am blind, but I have no problem; no problem. The only reason for this is that I have no love in my heart and I like to look made my wife home with my colleagues at work.

When I hear stories of people with depression or young children who commit suicide – I think that is where the problem lies. Lack of love is the true disability that everyone can have and it is people who should be loved even stronger. “




In the days that followed an old doordarshan Doordarshan, 58, Kanchan Nath succumbed to injuries after a coconut smashed into him in Chembur, dozens of Mumbaikars have written on their precarious roadways.

Over the weekend, when Mumbai Espejo visited the place, it became apparent that the repeated complaints of BMC citizens fell on the sack.

In one case, a housing partnership in Andheri (E) has written to the BMC asking permission to cut a tree in its entirety after it appeared it could root out every moment.

Its branches are already above the adjacent road, and this is the position of the axle that could also collapse on the road. The permit was denied.

In another case, several Colaba neighbors gathered and called a horticulturalist from Pune to investigate the precarious trees in their region, after repeated requests to the BMC to at least cut the branches have given no response. The grower’s report is likely to be presented to Commissioner BMC today.

The root of the issue here is, no surprises, the poor contractor who works charged by the BMC to cut trees. Citizens often complain that trees are pruned to lose their balance. Sometimes it is assumed that the trees being pruned or cut are left intact, while the perfect state of health trees have just been cut.
Ecologist Anand Pendharkar told the Mumbai Mirror that random tree cutting was one of the main reasons the trees were falling.

“Why trees are what collapses in the woods or in large enclosures where they are much more? It is unscientific and meaningless piracy by the BMC, which led to the fall of trees, and more years of bad species Of softwood are planted in Mumbai, “said Pendharkar.

Between June 6 and July 22, three people were killed in BMC’s jurisdiction after the trees collapsed. First, a 14-year-old boy was crushed by a tree near the Nagar navy in Colaba.

On July 1, a 67-year-old rickshaw driver was crushed by a tree in Borivali and Kanchan Nath, a resident of Chembur, succumbed to the injuries, on 22 July. However, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Kishore Kshirsagar, who is responsible for the area of ​​gardens, is responsible for Tree Cup, said that there is not a single case of negligence on the part of the civic body.

“Our department does not have a single case where residents have requested permission to cut trees and we have not authorized them.If people feel that their complaints were not dealt with, they should have to raise the top officials. Complaints, fairly simple phone complaints.

Following the latest developments, we began a new round of inspection and trees along the city’s cut, “Kshirsagar said.

Here’s how passengers are killing taxiwallas in Mumbai

Here's how passengers are killing taxiwallas in Mumbai

Here’s how passengers are killing taxiwallas in Mumbai

Their relaxing cigarette makes taxis pushing taxi drivers to death. Seventy-nine percent of the 400 taxi drivers in Mumbai are forced to smoke passively every day. Non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke have an increased risk of developing lung cancer and may suffer premature death.

However, 36 percent. 100 drivers are partly responsible for this situation. They have not put a “no smoking” sign on their taxis to prevent passengers from inflating.

The warning was made mandatory by the state’s transportation service in 2011. The driver and passenger can be fined R300 for smoking in a taxi.

The findings come from an ongoing study of drivers in the city, which began last November by the preventive diagnostic service at Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel, the largest cancer treatment facility in India. So far, 400 drivers were interviewed.

The survey also found that passengers in taxis 18 percent who took a warning did not notice. Approximately 10 percent were even offended to be told to fend off their cigarettes. Some dodgy drivers also offered a drag when asked to quit smoking.

The smaller the space, the more likely
Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, head and throat cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial, said that drivers have a greater risk of passive smoking in other public spaces. Secondhand smoke can reach very high levels in a car, as it is a small enclosed space.

“Smoking in taxis puts them in danger. Strict rules must be in place to protect their health,” recommends Dr. Chaturvedi.

On Sunday, the reporter at midday inspected 20 taxis, but none reported the warning signal.
Mohammad Rafi, 52, of Sion, who runs the taxis for 30 years, accused the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) of failing to provide an adhesive warning sign.

“When I drove my old taxi there four years, I have shown the warning.” RTO officials have not given me the label when I recorded my new vehicle.

He said several passengers were injured when asked to stop smoking in a taxi. “The government should raise awareness-raising taxi drivers about the dangers posed by smoking.”

ERO is also to blame
Some drivers in the middle of the day, also spoke complained that the tag is bad and washed in the rain.

“It had a warning signal, but it happened during a rain shower there one day,” said Vijay Singh, another driver from Sion. “The adhesive used is of poor quality. We have to go to the RTO for the seal, which is a process that takes time.”

Waste from Mumbai dumpyard killing fish in Thane creek, fishermen complain to civic body

Waste from Mumbai dumpyard killing fish in Thane creek, fishermen complain to civic body

Waste from Mumbai dumpyard killing fish in Thane creek, fishermen complain to civic body

Sewage from the Kanjurmarg spillway in Mumbai kills species of fish in the Thane stream, fishermen from the area told the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

In a complaint to BMC’s Department of Solid Waste Management (SWM), which manages the landfill, the Shree Ekvira Aai Pratishthan (SEAP), a group of umbrella fishermen said that fish catching has declined to 90% in recent years .

Fishermen allege that the leachate entered the stream from the landfill through two drains. Leachate is a liquid product produced when water is mixed with the decomposition of the waste.

It may contain dissolved toxic substances, which can enter the bodies of water or percolate into the groundwater.

“More than 1 000 families of fishermen have been deprived of their daily fish catch due to contaminated water,” said Nandkumar Pawar, chief SEAP. “While Kanjurmarg is the main source of untreated waste, even Deonar and Kopri dumps add to the pollution.

We were promised by the state and the civic body that there would be a scientific and scientific waste disposal in Kanjurmarg. But the reality is just the opposite. ”

Although BMC says there is no outlet at the Kanjurmarg landfill, an emissary is discovered from the walls of the Kanjurmarg spillway, releasing sewage leachate into the Thane stream.

Pawar said that hundreds were dead mangrove near the storage room, lixiviages after stagnation in the creek, suffocating the roots of these trees. He said fish species such as catfish, tilapia and shrimp were the only three in the region.

“The fish spotted cream, giant perch, gold fish, all species of crabs, oysters, clams and many other species have disappeared from the creek. The region is home to 40,000 flames and other wetland birds and soon The effect will look on them too, “Pawar said.

“Our community pays the price of the pollution problem that the civic body has failed.”

Ecologist D Stalin, who visited the site, confirmed that sewage and leachate were discharged from the landfill.

“There must be an independent investigation into the Kanjurmarg landfill operations and untreated wastewater discharge entering the stream between Kanjurmarg and Vikhroli, should be stopped,” he said.

Meanwhile, BMC SWM officials have denied the allegations. “There is no outlet to the Kanjurmarg Thane dump. There is no wastewater discharge from this and there are bioreactors that treat the waste,” said Vijay Balamvar, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, BMC’s SWM department.




For many years, there was an ambitious plan to transform Mumbai into Shanghai. Although even a detailed study of the city’s infrastructure can be shown as seen later, the state now has another sublime idea that looks good on paper: convert Versova Beach, the legendary Miami Beach – known for its virgin arenas , Restaurants and its famous nightlife.

It has so far been a challenge for civil authorities to maintain the extensive coastline Versova without waste and plastic debris, but local deputy Ameet Satam and the Maritime Board of Maharashtra (MMB) have ambitious plans to build a maritime entertainment area Versova Along the Miami Beach lines.

The goal behind creating such an area is to use part of the beach for public activities and to control its misuse, which people said had been frequent in the last 25 years.

The “seafront” Versova Beach will do water sports, beach impressions, beach huts, beach cafes and beach sports like cricket, kabbalah and volleyball. The cost of the project is set at Rs 20 million rupees. The project is a joint venture between Šàtam citizens Versova and architect PK Das.

“Beach Versova was invaded by 150 gates.I had to demolish after having been personally maintained on the site seven times.The beach is a space open to the public for leisure, tourism and entertainment.

I would like to gift to the city with a world-class destination on the beaches of Miami. We want to protect open public spaces and promote tourism, which will stimulate the economy, “Satam said.

Atul Patne, CEO, MMB, said that the body currently delineates plots along the beach under the Indian Ports Act to provide contractors. “There are 1-2 acres of land up to 50 meters from the high tide zone, MMB already owns.

We seek to deviate in the coastal zone regulation regulation (CRZ) to build the high tide space with the government land to the contractor to build permanent structures beyond the limits of the CRZ to facilitate tourism, “he said.

Called the Oceana concept, MMB will lease the Versova beach in a company to develop the defined area and identify different activities and vendors. All activities will be provided in an invoice and will remain open to the public every day, with restricted entry day of the event.

The area will be reserved for events up to 100 days a year. The beach is 28 acres, from Ganesh Visarjan near Sagar Kutir to Juhu Moragaon.

An interesting feature is a walk by the sea, a first order of concept in India to connect 8-10 km from the beach of Juhu Beach Versova. The cost of the proposed project for the walk is Rs 25 million rupees.

PM Narendra Modi Urges Legislators To Keep ‘Benefit Chain’ Of GST Going

PM Narendra Modi Urges Legislators To Keep 'Benefit Chain' Of GST Going

PM Narendra Modi Urges Legislators To Keep ‘Benefit Chain’ Of GST Going

“The GST has been accepted and widely supported throughout the country, small traders must also register with the new tax law,” said a commissioned official. “We must ensure that the benefits of the GST chain are processed, Modi.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met today BJP parliamentarians from several states, including Haryana, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir, and stressed the need to ensure continuity of the benefits of the “chain” under the property tax And services.

The PM also asked small businesses and businesses to register as part of the recently deployed GST, as members have argued that there was a great deal of excitement among the small commercial about the new law.

“The GST has been accepted and widely supported throughout the country, and small traders are also required to register with the new tax law,” he said.

In addition to Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Haryana, members of Punjab, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, as well as their Chandigarh party were present at the meeting with the prime minister.

PM Modi asked them to ensure that seniors get the maximum benefits under various social assistance schemes, including a new pension plan, ‘Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vojana Yojana (PMVVY)’ under which they will get 8% interest for their Deposits.

The prime minister also spoke about the development of mountain regions, noting that the government had introduced several new projects that had led to qualitative changes in people’s lives.

As a result, huge opportunities for employment and tourism were opened up in hill states, he added.

Following the closure of the public distribution system (PDS) in Chandigarh and Puducherry, PM Modi said that the money is transferred directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries. This model, he added, could be adopted in other states as well.

It was the sixth meeting of PM Modi with BJP parliamentarians at his residence in the monsoon session of Parliament. These meetings are coordinated by the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Ananth Kumar.

Sikkim border standoff: Chinese transgression reported at Barahoti in Uttarakhand

Sikkim border standoff: Chinese transgression reported at Barahoti in Uttarakhand

Sikkim border standoff: Chinese transgression reported at Barahoti in Uttarakhand

Amid stagnation between India and China, on the Sikkim border, authorities said Monday that Chinese border guards had broken up to a kilometer in Indian territory. The infiltration took place in the Barahoti region in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on the morning of 25 July.

According to sources, troops of the People’s Liberation Army went from 800 m to 1 km in Indian territory and also threatened a group of shepherds to leave the land in the Barhoti region in the district of Chamoli.

“The PLA soldiers arrived about 1 km in Indian territory and asked the shepherds of the Indian area grazing their cattle to leave. When ITBP personnel arrived in the area, the Chinese soldiers part,” said a configuration agent security.

Meanwhile, Madan Kaushik, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand, said that he had not received any official information on the infiltration. “There is no information officer of the district administration or security force,” said NNA quoted.

An open pasture area, Barahoti has often reached holders of China’s transgression and is among one of the main disputed areas on the China-India border.

On 22 July 2016, a similar incursion was reported when some civilian administration officials visited the Barahoti region, a course of disputed spread over several square kilometers, and four to five armed soldiers were found PLA standing there With a vehicle.

The soldiers raised the usual slogan “This is our land, to return”, after which the Indian officials have withdrawn. The troops entered about 200 meters in the demilitarized zone Barahoti around the neck June Tun La.

The Chinese troops have withdrawn on the same day. Three days later, it was reported that a Chinese helicopter air transgression in the same area.

Sikkim’s stagnation explained: what is the difference between India and China and Bhutan?

These recent developments come at a time when the two neighboring countries are engaged in a lively confrontation in road construction in the Doklam region. While India has expressed concern about the safety of road construction, China accused India of hampering construction.

Chinese authorities have also accused Indian soldiers of entering their area, which they call Donglang.

‘No one capable enough to compete with Modi’: Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

'No one capable enough to compete with Modi': Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

‘No one capable enough to compete with Modi’: Nitish Kumar on 2019 polls

New Delhi: In a verbal battle with the new ally of the BJP, Bihar’s chief minister Nitish Kumar said Monday that person or political party could challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the general elections in 2019.
“Given the current political scenario, no one can compete with Narendra Modi,” Nitish told a news conference.

In the development of what happened behind the scenes after the IWC presented a graft and raided the properties of Yadav, Nitish said he had tried to ignore the furor in the media. But soon the fingers have pointed out not to act against the accused.

He said he had tried to save the big alliance, but was forced to leave after RJD supreme leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family refused to move allegations of corruption against him.

“I have no choice, everything I have tolerated. But when allegations of corruption were made, a buzz was created not only in the state but at the national level,” he said at the Nitish release conference.

“The media reported heavily on the case, but tried to ignore it and continued to work.” I thought this happened in an alliance. “Then people began to wonder, what a zero tolerance policy for corruption, then what goes To do now? “Said Nitish.

The leader of JD (T) then revealed that the party had unanimously decided at a high-level meeting that it did not deviate from its policy and offered the leaders of RJD Lalu Prasad and his son the Tejashwi opportunity to present all the facts In the case of corruption in the public domain.

He said that he had met Tejashwi and told him about the same thing.
But when an explanation was made and the RJD dismissed Tejashwi’s investment demands, Nitish said he had decided to relinquish his position as prime minister.

“I was asked to explain the allegations of corruption and if they had done this the situation could have been different. The proposal came from BJP after my resignation and we formed the government with the consent of lawmakers from both parties,” he said.

There is no way to step down as president of the BJP, says Amit Shah
Last Thursday, Nitish Kumar was sworn in as head of state with BJP support, just 24 hours after his resignation and left the alliance of JD (T), RJD and Congress.

The rapid sequence of events, crowned by the Nitish rooftop NDA, led to speculation that the policy space has been characterized for some time.

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